The Foundational Books of Spiritism

The best way to learn about Spiritism is through the reading of the basic books compiled by Allan Kardec. Inside these books we find all the basic ideas explained graciously by Higher Spirits and by Kardec’s comments. Some of the books use the Question and Answer approach that allows for better clarity on sometimes complex topics like reincarnation and the destine of our spirits in the spiritual realm.

Here follows a brief explanation of each one of these wonderful books:

Spirits' book
The Spirits' Book

First published in 1857, this is the first book published by Allan Kardec about Spiritism. To this day, it remains the most fundamental work and mandatory reading for Spiritists. The book contains 1019 questions and answers that talk about spirituality and the interaction between our material world and the Spiritual Realm.

The Gospel, as Explained by Spiritism

This wonderful book brings to us the deepest guidance and consolation to support our spiritual inner transformation. Here we have compiled invaluable messages from Higher Spiritist bringing us back to the values of early Christianity.

Mediums´ book
The Mediums' Book

This book is a guide to practical Spiritism. Here Kardec describes the guidelines to practice Mediumship (or Channeling) from a Spiritist perspective, mostly emphasizing the discipline and the rigor required to make proper use of this natural human sense.

Heaven and Hell Book
Heaven and Hell

This book is divided in two parts. The first one talks about the different concepts of Heaven and Hell according several religious systems. Allan Kardec discusses the need for justice in God´s will and the inadequacy of the perennial suffering of human beings.

The second part brings, from the voices of spirits, their experience about the spiritual realm. We learn here about a wide range of possible situations and how each spirit coped with it.

Genesis Book

This book develops the scientific aspect of Spiritism, and is divided in three parts: First – Genesis, Organic and Spiritual origins – presenting a geological study of Earth and theories of its formation. Second – The Miracles – explaining the nature and properties of fluids Third – The Gospel Predictions – analyzing the change of times and new generations.