A few more words on Spiritism

Spiritism is a spiritual philosophy that originated in France in the mid-19th century and has since spread around the world. Based on the teachings of mediums and spirits, Spiritism holds that human beings are immortal souls who reincarnate in successive lives in order to learn and grow spiritually. Spiritism also emphasizes the importance of love, charity, and self-improvement, and seeks to promote peace and understanding between people of all cultures and religions. Through the study of Spiritism, individuals can deepen their understanding of the spiritual realm, connect with their inner selves, and work towards personal and collective spiritual enlightenment. The Spiritist movement has grown and evolved over the years, with various organizations and societies promoting its teachings and practices across the globe.

"Spiritism is a science which deals with the nature, origin, and destiny of Spirits, as well as their relationship with the corporeal world."
Allan Kardec, The Spirits' Book

It is the set of principles and laws, as revealed by Higher Spirits, contained in the works of Allan Kardec, which constitute the Spiritist Codification, which is formed by "The Spirits' Book", "The Mediums' Book" , "The Gospel According to Spiritism", "Heaven and Hell" and "The Genesis".

Spiritist Practices

  • Spiritism does not impose its principles. It invites all those who are interested in exploring its teachings to submit them to the test of reason before accepting them
  • In Spiritism, there is no organized priesthood or formal hierarchy
  • Spiritism is practiced without rites or rituals, adhering to the Christian principle that God should be adored in spirit and truth
  • All practical Spiritism (mediumship, healing, fraternal assistance) is free of any charge, which follows the Gospel principle that we must "give for free what we receive for free". (The Gospel According to Spiritism, ch. 26)
  • Spiritism respects all religions, values all efforts towards the practice of goodness and recognizes that "the truly good person is one who complies with the laws of justice, love, and charity in their highest degree of purity." (The Gospel According to Spiritism, ch.17
  • In Spiritism, mediumship is only that which is practiced based upon the principles of Love In Action, through education and in a charitable manner.

Spiritist Beliefs


"God is the Supreme Intelligence, the First Cause of all things." (The Spirits' Book)

"An axiom in science states 'There is no effect without a cause'." (The Spirits' Book)

Lookfor the cause of things which are not the work of human beings, and your reason will provide the answer.

Immortality of the Soul

"Spirits are the intelligent beings of Creation." (The Spirit's Book)

"Spirits are nothing but the souls of human beings stripped of their physical body." (The Mediums' Book)

Spirits are created simple and ignorant, but own the power to gradually perfect themselves. They constitute the world of the Spirits, which pre-exists and outlives everything.

"Without Love, there is no salvation."
The Gospel according to Spiritism


Purification, to redress previous mistakes, and to effect human progress. Otherwise, there would be no justice." (The Spirits' Book)

Human Beings are given free-will to act, but they must answer for the consequences of their actions.

Spirits are always progressing. In their multiple physical existences, they may sometimes become stationary, but they never regress.

Inner Transformation

"What are the most effective means of transforming and improving ourselves?

A sage of antiquity has told you: 'Know thyself'. " (The Spirits' Book)

"For individuals, ideas are modified little by little, and generations are needed to completely erase old habits.Transformation therefore can only be realized with time, gradually, little by little. " (The Spirits' Book)

"Jesus, Guide, and Model for all of us. His teachings and examples are the purest expressions of God's Laws"

Communicability with Spirits

Mediumship, which allows the communication of the spirits with man, is a natural gift anyone can have, regardless of the belief system they may choose to follow.

"Good mediums are those who understand that the true medium has a mission to fulfill and that he must be ready, when necessary, to sacrifice his tastes, habits, pleasure, time, and even his worldly interests, to the good of others." (The Mediums' Book)

    Purposes of Mediumship:
  • Self-enlightenment,
  • Develop virtues,
  • Help others in both planes (spiritual and material),
  • Humankind's progress.


"The form means nothing, the thought is everything. Say your prayers in a way that is in harmony with your convictions and in the way most inspiring to you, because a good thought is worth more than countless unfeeling and unfelt words." (The Gospel According to Spiritism)

"Prayer is never useless when rightly offered because it provides strength, which in itself is a good result." (The Spirits' Book)

"Spiritists! Love one another, that is the first precept; educate yourselves is the second." 
The Gospel According to Spiritism
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Healing ("The Passes")

Offered by volunteers in our Meetings

Fluid-Therapy: Transfusion of spiritual energy and/or vital fluids. A therapeutic aid to all kinds of conditions that aim to restore the balance of spirit-perispirit-body.

A Human Being is a Spirit incarnated in a material body. The perispirit is the semi-material body which unites the Spirit to the physical body.