About the Spiritist Society of San Diego

The Spiritist Society of San Diego is a nonprofit educational organization that aims to disseminate the awareness and practice of Spiritist Ideas in America. We typically refer to our institution as a Spiritist Center (from the Portuguese "Centro Espirita") or Spiritist group. Newcomers sometimes use the term "Spiritist Church", but as you get familiar with our activities, you will notice some significant differences from a typical church.

Spiritist Ideas provide a wonderful set of tools to support individuals achieve spiritual enlightenment through spiritual education, physical and mental healing, and more relevant than everything else, the practice of Love in Action (Charity).

Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail – a French thinker and educator whose pen name was Allan Kardec – compiled and systematized Spiritist teachings through the publication of several books between 1857 and 1868. Professor Rivail’s books bring to us a set of ideas that embrace the spiritual nature of human beings and are deeply connected with the teachings of Christ. To learn more about these books, check our section “The Core Spiritist Books”.

In Spiritism, there is no organized priesthood, no gurus, or formal hierarchy. Spiritism teaches us that we are all students in this immense school we call planet Earth. With that in mind, we welcome you to join us on this voyage. Let's learn how we may strengthen our spiritual essence together through the practice of Love in Action (Charity) and all the virtues that come along with it, like tolerance and compassion.

Check our meetings page for more details about visiting the Spiritist Society of San Diego.