Welcome to the Spiritist Society of San Diego

Join Us Sunday Mornings @ 11 AM

Our new location is now open. We kindly ask you wear your mask!


Join Us Every Sunday @11AM Pacific Time

Online Live stream. After the stream is over, a recording will be available.

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Our New Location

We are happy to announce that we have secured a new location for our group.

The new address is 4645 Ruffner Street, Suite A, San Diego, CA 92111. It's about a mile southwest of our previous location at Chesapeake Court.

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If you are ready to come back to the in-person work, reach back to us and join our group so we can reshape our new schedule and get back to our work of manifesting our best to our community.


Fraternal Encouragement

And according to his riches in glory, my God will meet all your needs through Christ Jesus

-Paul. (Phil 4:19)

Do not think you are alone in the purifying struggle, for the Lord will meet all our needs.

Lookup to the Almighty, but from time to time look behind you.

If you are in a position to serve, then do so and then press on.

Remember your brothers and sisters who live in indigence, without any resources.

Think about the mothers and fathers who must listen to their children crying with no means of drying their tears.

Observe the sick whose circumstances have taken them from their homes.

Stop for a moment and give a friendly look to a homeless child.

Contemplate the anguish of those who are mentally unbalanced, confused in the eclipse of reason.

Think of the physically disabled, shackled to dolorous immobility.

Think about the maternal hearts tormented by the disharmony and lack of bread in their home.

From time to time, stop your hurried pace in order to help the blind who walk in darkness.

Then, you might find that your own suffering vanishes before your very eyes.

If you have arms to help and a mind capable of reflecting on the good of your fellow beings, then you are truly better than a king who may possess a world of gold but is afraid to help another person.

When you manage to overcome your afflictions in order to create joy for others, then other people's happiness will seek you out wherever you may be to bring you happiness of your own.

May infirmity and sadness never impede your journey.

It is better for death to take us while we are hard at work than for vs to wait for it in an easy chair.

My brothers and sisters, light a new flame of encouragement in your soul, and press on... Be an angel of fraternity to those who follow you dominated by affliction, ignorance, and suffering. When you plant the joy of living in the hearts around you, then very soon the flowers and fruit of your sowing will enrich your pathway.

From the book "Living Spring" | Item 73 | from Emmanuel (spirit) psycographed by Francisco Candido Xavier