Welcome to the Spiritist Society of San Diego

We hold all our meetings in English (Centro Espírita em Inglês).

Public Meetings

Sundays, 11 AM
Tuesdays, 7 PM

Second To Truth Is Your Compassion

Look behind you and see how much you have already progressed.

Ask yourself how much help you have had since the moment you were born.

Find in your path all the spirits that loved you and devoted their time to helping you.

Think how much your life has changed since then.

Now think of yourself doing the same work that those friends did to help you.

How much love and dedication they gave you is what is expected from you now that you have awareness.

You are becoming! Becoming a friend, becoming a mentor, becoming a parent with infinite love, becoming.

You have the model and guide to who you are becoming.

Be courageous and persistent.

This month, we are celebrating the model of this planet.

Remember his light, and you will never feel desperation or tiredness within its radiance.

Join Us Every Sunday @11AM Pacific Time

Check for recording on our YouTube channel.

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Our New Location

We are happy to announce that we have secured a new location for our group.

The new address is 4645 Ruffner Street, Suite A, San Diego, CA 92111. It's about a mile southwest of our previous location at Chesapeake Court.

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If you are ready to come back to the in-person work, reach back to us and join our group, so we can reshape our new schedule and get back to our work of manifesting our best to our community.