Inspirational Message Divaldo Franco

"Never lose hope. Whatever may happen, keep believing. If everything is against you, and failure threatens you with despair, even then expect Divine Assistance. Only what is best for us happens. The law of God is the law of love. And love can do everything and does do everything. When you think that help will not arrive in time, if you continue hoping, you will happily discover that it reached you minutes before the disaster. The person who despairs has already lost part of the battle he or she was going to fight, and goes forward at a disadvantage."

(Happy Life, Divaldo Franco by Joanna de Angelis)

Weekly Meetings




The Spirits' Book Study Group
7 pm

Spiritual life, Reincarnation, Mediumship, Healing, Evolution, God and everything in between. Come and study Spiritism and Spirituality with us.

Therapeutic Meeting
7 pm

Every Tuesday! Talk's inspired by The Gospel According to Spiritism, Meditation and Group Healing (The Passes)

Youth Group
9:30 am

Every other Sunday
Kids 6 to 14
Next Meeting: October 6 
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Spiritual Sunday
11 am

Every Sunday Inspired Talks and Fellowship, Group Healing (The Passes) Talks inspired by "Living Spring" from Chico Xavier by Emmanuel and The Gospel According to Spiritism.

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