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If you are not vaccinated yet, please consider

As we face challenges in life, rarely we can have the full picture in the midst of the struggle. Some challenges are just complex by nature, and it can take time and effort to fully understand all the moving parts. The COVID pandemic is a great example of a life challenge that touches all of us at once!

Understanding all the facets of a new virus takes a multidisciplinary approach. We need biology, medicine, engineering, statistics, and probably many other fields of knowledge to come together and suggest a course of action, a plan to help us deal with the problem. Would this plan be perfect? Hard to say. Would it evolve over time? Probably! But in the midst of the battle, we can only do the best we can!

Right now, our best plan to control the COVID pandemic is vaccination. More than 150 million Americans already did, myself included. Are the vaccines we have available now perfect? Hard to say. But one thing we know for sure, they are the best we could produce as a human community so far!

May God bless and guide all of us through this difficult challenge, together!


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May the word of Christ dwell in you richly ...

Paul. (Col. 3:16)

You say you trust in the power of Christ, but if the day appears in colors that are contrary to your expectations, you demonstrate a deplorable lack of faith by your rebelliousness.

You say that you are cultivating the love that the Master has bequeathed to us, but if your neighbor has points of view that differ from yours, you show an enormous dearth of understanding by entrusting yourself to dissatisfaction and criticism.

You say that you believe the Gospel in all its simplicity and purity, but if the Lord asks you to make some sacrifice that is perfectly compatible with your capabilities, you demonstrate an uncontestable lack of cooperation, issuing challenges and asking for reparations.

You say you try to do the Will of the Heavenly Benefactor, but if your whims are not satisfied, you show a lamentable lack of patience and hope, casting your best thoughts into the swamp of disenchantment.

However, can we ever light a candle if we remain in the dark?

Can we display obedience if we praise rebelliousness?

Can we ever teach serenity if we are inclined towards desperation?

Can we proclaim the glory of love if we cultivate hatred?

The word of Christ does not ask us to progress in weakness or lamentation, as if we were wards of ignorance.

According to Paul's illuminated conceptualization, the Good News should shine forth from our lives, dwelling in our souls richly.

From the book "Living Spring" | Item 125 | from Emmanuel (spirit) psycographed by Francisco Candido Xavier