The Spiritist Society of San Diego is a non-profit Public Benefit California Corporation. All our services and educational activities are offered at no cost to our community. All our practitioners are volunteers that dedicate their time without financial compensation. Despite that, there are operational costs that cannot be avoided, specially the lease of spaces and utilities. For that reason, we ask those that are familiar with our work and have the means to become supporting members of the Spiritist Society of San Diego.

SSSD member’s contributions allow us to plan our expenses appropriately and keep our organization functional. It is never too much to emphasize that membership is OPTIONAL and you can terminate your membership at any time.

If you want to become a member, just select the monthly contribution level and click the subscribe button. We use PayPal to process payments, so if you don’t have a PayPal account you can easily create one by adding your credit card info and selecting a username and password. PayPal will send us your contribution automatically every month. If you wish to make a one time donation, please visit our donations page.

Membership Options


Thank you for supporting the Spiritist Society of San Diego.




You can cancel your membership at any time by contacting SSSD at (subject: Membership Cancellation) or by phone @858 784 1811. If you became a support member via PayPal, you can also cancel your membership using the button below.